Inner City Blues


In inner cities across America it’s the same old story. No matter how different the slang, music, or style of dress, we all have one thing in common. The sadness and struggle of American ghetto’s. Sirens ring as the baby tries to rest next to his single mom. The dad on the corner, not realizing the very pit of hell he’s standing in will only cause more fire to spread within his life following his mother and child. See we all want a way out of this hell fire. Some have hope most don’t. The circumstances in which lower class America is faced with middle and upper class will never understand the trauma that exist within these communities. Most are living victims of hell on earth. Drugs flow through midnight shadows while teenage moms steal out the corner store just to eat. Children are abandoned and left sifting through plastic green garbage cans. There is no peace and as I write my right eye waters.

I’m not an outsider looking in but a survivor of what takes so many lives every day. It’s so easy to be lead in the wrong direction and little to no resources or education on how to make it out. See to understand and change our circumstances we must first understand how we got here. How did we get in this situation? Why are we targeted? What is there to fear of black and brown people success in America? Why? Why? Why? Is the most asked question in the ghetto. On every corner there is a liquor store, on every corner there is a fast food restaurant, and on every corner there is a shrine of somebody who was shot and killed. Whether by their peers or the police. The schools and healthcare are of the lowest quality. The environment all together is much different than the downtown that is usually less than 5-10 miles away. Very little invest in the very people they profit from.  We shield our pain through material gain and that’s why we remain in the same stagnated lifestyle. Hood rich, but no real wealth. Not mentally physically or emotionally. As the next generation emerges it seems that inner city lower class America will mold the next sad story of the “ghetto”. Change must come!

copyright Z.Harps

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