Why it didn’t work out!

 It always starts out the same. I’m feeling you, your feeling me, we really believe that were meant to be. We stroke each other ego’s like no tomorrow. I see you as special, you see me as your star, and we convince one another that this love will  go far. It’s so real, we will fight, or even kill to protect what we have. As time passes we build, we share, and we laugh. I feel the butterflies whenever your around, I’m willing to do whatever for you, even if it means I have to sleep upside down. I’m wide open and so are you, we stick together like Siamese twins and super glue. Candle light and bubble baths we would do anything for each other… Its a shame to endure pain by a person who claimed they were not the same, as your past the others that drained your heart and didn’t have what it takes to make a relationship everlast-ing.

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why didn’t it work out?

For all the laughs came a cry for all the truth there came a lie. For a love that seemed to be real only to end up superficial causing my light to dim, it hurts so bad my limbs go weak, while a single tear flows down my cheek. The fate of an unchangeable truth, it was never meant to work out between us two. A lesson learned , a chance to start new, grow from your experience, even if it left you cold and blue. The winter is cold, the  sun is bound to come out, a chance to love again whether temporary or until the end.

copyright Z.Harps

6 thoughts on “Why it didn’t work out!

  1. Peace Great build. I was once sparked by a beautiful one, however I was not complete in my journey of refinement so I lost that love, only to learn that she was always doing the knowledge to my rising above my own demons and becoming the man she still loves 360 DEGREES

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