Keep the Real in Reality.

Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. this generation doesn’t even believe in love. All people want to do is look cool and say cool shit but actions are all fucked up. I sit back in watch all the bullshit in the past year and its really annoying, from the music top chart bull to the so called reality tv love and hip hop its all meant to taint the divinity of love, loyalty and most importantly reality. Cant you see that daytime tv is destroying your relationship? Cant you see that watching that poison causes you to feel inadequate in your own life? I really believe that the media from Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram, all promote false reality and constant validation from others.

We all look to relate whether we do it intentionally or not, were looking for connections. If all you see is cheaters on tv your going to think of the times you were cheated on and lied to, which can resurface negative feelings toward the wrong person or people. It can taint your judgement if your not careful this can alter how you see people in a general sense. I know how I’ve felt after watching love and hip hop, I feel like all men are dogs, there egotistical horny, little liars without heart or feeling besides selfishness and desiring to have multiple women to string along to make themselves feel relevant after their careers flopped.

My reason for writing all of this is because of the superficial expectations of relationships nowadays.Like that one George Orwell book, “1984.” Whats real is actually fake and whats fake like Kim Kardashians booty is hawked upon like it’s a got damn shrine or something. Now woman everywhere want a big fake ass booty and that’s sexy? The women with natural figures flat asses or fat asses feel like there nothing without that good ol chin lift, or tummy tuck, or breast implant, weaves, and all the other things that remind you that your not good enough.

The biggest benefit to not wearing your heart on your sleeves is that you allow yourself time to analyze the situation for what its worth. Hell I could go on and on about various topics and never get to the point. I have a knack for doing that so to my readers thanks for sticking it out with me to get to the best part. We live in a time where the “media” plays a very important part in how we all interact with one another everyday. The repetitive content of negative thinking and behaviors can start to rub off on us without you even realizing it. Do not allow what you see and read on social media define the reality of your life or any situation. I cant stress enough the importance of remaining a free thinker in a world full of followers. Its so important to keep the REAL IN REALITY!

copyright Z.Harps

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