Monster of love

I’m so over woman creating monsters of men. Its always this constant finger pointing like the guy is the blame for everything. Whenever the relationship fails it’s him who lacked one quality or another. We all know that’s horse shit! Woman can be very difficult to handle and deal with when it comes to relationships also. No matter what the situation is, a level of maturity must exist in both man and woman or woman and woman or man and man, fuck whatever floats your boat. The point is sometimes we create monsters out of the people we say we love.

Through recent experience I’ve had a peek into the most asked question in relationships, “why men cheat?” My answer is, “Women allow it!” Allowing it doesn’t mean she wants him to do it, in all actuality she wants him to stop or to never have done it at all. She lacks control over her relationship she is now riding on nothing but emotion, that emotional ride is one stop from insanity. To constantly be let down, asking yourself why, and never feeling like your good enough. What type of person would love a cheater, a lying disloyal ass man? “We have history,”.. really? History that is still the same as your current situation. Once a cheater always a cheater, yup live with it. Just to say hes yours, just to have the title of the Main Bitch!… Nonsense

It’s these type of women that perpetuate the “cheater behavior” specifically. He’s given you the title of main chick and you’ve accepted his gift of countless tears and lonely gut wrenching nights. Your scared that you will never find another like him, your insecure, you don’t believe there is a man out here who will love you gently and carefully. So you allow him to cheat,thinking that one day he will change, you think if you just complain less, love him more, that one day he will wise up and see you. No, he will never see you until you leave him! You have to teach him a lesson to make him a better man for the next woman if god chooses to bless him with one. He first made a mistake, but now after countless times that is no longer a mistake but a  terrible habit of hurting the person he claims to love. A habit that you allowed him to develop, you set the tone for what you want out of your man first and  if or when he shows you other wise, do whats best for you so you don’t lose yourself trying to love someone else.

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You suffer as his woman, because you do not have what it takes to let go. Free yourself from emotional abuse, free yourself of a love that once was but is no longer. Loving one another may be until death, but being in love that has been violated and lost at the sea of every tear you’ve cried. You deserve better but its your fault he’s this way. You wont let him grow you stagnate him with you idea of family and happiness. A man should be challenged not allowed to make the same sorry excuses and expect to still reap the benefits of having a loyal woman to come home to. You are setting false expectations, because no real woman will allow countless actions of disloyalty. No real woman will allow the man she loves to treat her like a worthless piece of shit by sticking his peter wacker in whomever he pleases. A real woman loves herself and knows her worth thus demanding her respect as his woman or she’s out!

There’s three sides the the “cheating experience”, you have the cheater, the Main bitch, then the other woman. In many cases the other woman has no idea shes the other woman. This really sucks, because she is genuine in every action she makes, little does she know, shes being played like one of those Irish people instruments. Then you have the Main Chick, who knows her man is a cheater and knows exactly when he starts cheating, because suddenly his behavior changes. She calls or text the other woman to let her presence be known just to sit and let her presence be known again to the next woman he leads on (continuous cycle). Finally, the cheater hes not sure of himself at all, lost not sure if he wants to stick it out in his current relationship or if there is someone better for him, but he wont leave the main chick out of fear of being alone. More importantly he wont leave, because he has a woman who will put up with his shit, he can have his cake and eat it too. He loses the side chick no biggie, his appetite is huge and theirs room for him to gobble up more hearts and spit them out like shattered pieces of glass.  Main bitch, its your fault your teaching him that your love for him trumps respect, it trumps loyalty, it trumps divinity, it trumps truth. Love is an action and lying and cheater is the opposite of the act of love. You allow it, you help promote this unhealthy cycle of “cheaterism” thus causing innocent people to be hurt. Sad story for too many relationships left with splintered hearts and torn souls.

People let the biggest blessings pass them up simply, because they didn’t rid themselves of old baggage. Maybe these cheating bastards love their woman and just cant control the urge to fuck around on them. I wanted to love him, until I realized I was the other women and his heart will forever be with you. I’m not that woman anymore, to think I can change or fix a man. He has to want that for himself and will have to show and prove with his actions. You will pacify him and he may never reach his full potential because of your constant neglect to own your thrown as his queen and challenge him! Even if it means you have to let him go real love takes sacrifice.



copyright Z.Harps

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