Fuck boy

Too many ladies have suffered from the fuck boy experience. The fuck boy comes in different, shapes, forms, and fashions, but the behavior is what really owns them the title of being a Fuck Boy. I mean how did the term ever start trending? It’s not an enduring term if you’ve ever earned this title or “maybe you were born with it” in my “Maybe its Maybelline”voice …The point is what is glorifying about being a fucking womanizer? Just walking around scorning women for fun that’s cute?? Now I know there’s always more to it but lets hit this on the head in a general sense with the commonality of the personality and  behavioral  traits of the “Fuck Boy”.


Hes magnetizing, charismatic, charming, eloquent, funny, usually good looking, seems to know what he wants out of life, polite, dreamy, and shows king interest in you. On the flip side the fuck boy is self centered, arrogant and egotistical. He seems like he has the best intentions for you, hes a liar, he wants his ego to be constantly  stroked to feel relevant, hes underdeveloped emotionally, most importantly hes a player. The fuck boy term is just a new way of calling a guy a “player.” Once a player always a player! He plays on women to get mainly sex and to feel important by more than one woman. When one woman isn’t giving him what he wants he jumps to the next woman that will comfort him, and make him feel like hes less alone.  He doesn’t want to settle down (fearful that one day he may be played), although he may preach this as a goal, its just to convince you that hes a descent man that you may consider fucking one day. He does not want a long term commitment and lacks the maturity to express this and all of its truth.

If your a teenager in high school then absolutely I would expect for you to have immature and inconsistency in your behavior simply because of your lack of experience. I would expect for you to have a vast appetite because your just getting your mouth wet for girls and dating. This behavior is expected in teenagers and young adults, however as you grow so should your level of maturity, responsibility, and accountability. FUCK BOY do you understand how so many men have had their penises amputated, because of misleading a woman? It’s too bad that a committed union and  marriage is frowned upon by the newer generation. Meeting someone, falling in love, and building your life together is less of a goal, fuck boys just want to fornicate without any consequence.

Back to the fuck boy ailment and chronic nature, clearly I’m struggling to understand why men specifically cannot just be upfront about what they want out of a relationship? Granted, not every person you meet are you going to fall in love with, however you may like them enough to want to get involved, network, date, add a new friend to your Facebook page, whatever the acquaintance, honesty should always be promoted in adults. Even women who are married understand and know at some point there husband has lied about one thing or another. Which brings me to my point, I could understand a husband lying because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife and has something to lose if he fails or disappoints her. In dating lying because you don’t want to hurt them is not usually the case, for example If your new to my life I wouldn’t feel the need to lie. I would jump to the opportunity to be real with someone who I don’t necessarily  care for, because what you think about me, would be irrelevant to some degree. one fact I know about lying is once you tell one you will have to tell another to cover up for the original lie, and the cycle continues.

To mislead and deceive is already fucked up enough! Then the fuck boy does this to multiple women at a time or even just one woman, as she invest her time with you taking all that you say and do in sincerity, the whole time your just playing her, like your a drooling toddler and shes your rattle to shake up and throw down once you become bored. This shows that age does not define ones level of maturity or morality. The fuck boy is fake as fuck, a filthy lair, like the dirt on the bottom of my shoe “nasty”, he’s fucking aqua scum. My best advice for you fuck boy is to grow the fuck up and go fuck yourself!!!


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