The Truth

Weird phenomenon, a sign from the gods, or maybe confirmation from the universe? Whatever the case the connection is so real its almost scary. I’m not afraid to love but more afraid of truly opening up just to be let down and hurt again. I knew that there would come a time in my life where my true love would enter and I would have already been damaged by previous relationships. No! I refuse to allow any part of my past to rattle or cause a shake in my future. He is most definitely my future, and I believe in him, as a matter of fact I know hes destined for greatness and so am I.


Its just weird how 2016 course of events led me to be the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. I’m not going to allow the standards of modern day society to define how and who I should love. This is so fresh and new like when you buy a new car the smell just excites you. Yeah! That kind of new…Hes so sincere in every action that my heart is opening whether I want it to or not. Hes not forceful or intruding by any means, allowing me to go at my own pace, as I engage in a friendship/ relationship with him. With each day that turns into night I grow closer to him. Is this a fantasy or illusion of what I want this to be rather than what it actually is? My curious side has convinced me to engage and find out.

Ones action defines his or her own truth. In other words what you do and what you say are totally different. If you say one thing yet do another than what you did is truth and what you said was a lie. This man, future husband, and father of our unborn seed is the Truth, like that one song by India Arie ” The Truth” How could I be so sure? The thing is I’m not sure logically I’m struggling as usual to understand the way he makes me feel. Past hurt has caused me to question my own judgement but still I continue to engage… He treats me differently he treats me like no other man has, and what makes this all so surreal is his actions back up what he says. He sees me, behind my flaws, behind me being human, he sees my heart and most importantly my mind.


*copy& paste link to hear the song:

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