Vacation Time

When you proclaim what you want to the universe it hears you! Every step you take and decision you make is perpetuating you toward your wants and desires whether your consciously aware of it or not. I have made some commands of changes and new experiences for this year 2017, I would be lying if I said that the universe hasn’t played a huge roll in things working in my favor so far. As I reflect on the events that has transpired over the past month of this New Year, I already understand so much about the power of our thoughts, my connection with the universe, and most importantly making connections with people, to learn, grow, and to see life through another view…


I pride myself on truth and not allowing negative situations to change or break who I am inside, because of this I’m on my way to Vegas with friends, including a very special and dear companion to me. I said I wanted an honest, and health relationship with someone that I consider a best friend, lover, protector, maybe even husband one day, I’ve met him! The best part is I didn’t find him, he didn’t find me, we were introduced by a mutual friend. Why is that so important to mention? I have a bad habit of choosing the same type of man, as I was embracing my loneliness, my girlfriend asked if I was open to dating someone new. “Yes”! I sad Hesitantly and I’m so glad that I did. I also proclaimed to the universe my desire and long for traveling now here I am on my way to Las Vegas!

Thank you Universe for your contribution to my new love and my first trip of 2017

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