Why Religion isn’t for Black People

Why are black people in america so religious? When has religion really worked for African Americans? If you really believe that you and your slave master can share the same God, your living in the fantasy, that has been fed to control and manipulate your very existence. I mean really? Think about this for just a moment. Your ancestors were stolen from their homeland, stripped of all knowledge of self, then taught the white mans way of life. They don’t care if you get into heaven, their only purpose is to make your life a living hell. He the slave master held a Bible in one hand with a whip in the other, as he emasculated the men, to plant fear in the women and children, yet you believe in the words that were fed to you by your enemy. Over 300 years later, all of a sudden their agenda and mindset has changed?


Not when inner city Chicago (mostly black people) is considered a war zone, and not even former President Barack Obama did anything about it. Not when black men and women are being shot down by the police in cold blood. Not when the media gets paid to tell lies and bend the facts. Not when the water in Flint Michigan has been tainted and were just now learning about it. Not when whites are more welfare recipients than blacks, yet were considered lazy. Not when inner cities across this entire country is still in the slums of the effect of crack cocaine haven flooded our neighborhoods in the early 80’s. Not when predominately black men are being targeted to become prison slaves. Not when the schools in the ghetto are terrorized by gangs and drug violence, and children are forced to live like adults, because of the circumstances in which they live (as if they have a choice). Not when there is a copy-write on the Holy Bible( somebody cashes a check) for feeding lies to the masses.

How does religion effect change in our lives as African American people, as individuals, and as a community? It effects everything, how we think about life and death. It effects how we treat others and how we see our circumstances in life. Why try to live a righteous life if all you have to do is repent and you can go to heaven?  For example if I Killed a child in cold blood and repented I would in theory get into the gates of heaven. Meanwhile others dedicate their entire lives to walking a righteous path (the path of the Lord) it wouldn’t seem fair to sit in the same heaven with a murderer just, because he felt bad about being a murderer. Does that seem fair to you? They say, God is a Just God, yet my African American people still have not received justice for our enslavement. We have not received justice of reparations and even for majority of people to see our situation as worthy of justice. How many times have I heard people make references to blacks predicament, like the past is the past, let it go, your free now…bullshit!!! The Jews got reparations for the Holocaust and the Germans used American tactics to complete their heinous crimes…yet we didn’t even get a acre let alone a piece of live stock. I will tell you what we did get though, that BIBLE. They know they can keep you in their control mentally through their religion (simple logic).


There is a way out of mental slavery! Stay true to yourself, stop looking for them to tell you who and how to love and live. You have a conscious which makes you supreme by the laws of nature. Which is the only law that you should follow. Your conscious helps you decide what is right and wrong, but life is not just black and white. So whats right for you may be wrong to me. Its how we treat each other, how we communicate, how we look at the overall big picture, our existence on this planet earth, and the impact we all have on one another. Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you, yet people don’t even apply what they claim to believe in (I refuse to be a hypocrite). At the end of the day do what is right without having to wrong another person to get the job done. Yeah your trying to feed your kids, but you robbed your fellow brother or sister to do so, that’s not righteous. understand that the churches you give your money to do nothing for your community(they rob the community)… lets learn more about what has been stolen from us, who we are, find a more divine method of living, and we will see change in ourselves, our lives, and our communities. The new age Jim Crow way isn’t working for us, it never has and it never will!! Do away with the fear of going to hell after death and be courage’s to get your happiness and peace right here on earth. Be apart of the solution and not the problem, and  to be frank with my fellow brothers and sisters Wake the Fuck Up-Stay Woke, And have a Nice Day!!!


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