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Flowing like a river, as strong as can be, the way you got me going, its like I’m lost at sea

only to find that true love lies beneath the deep ocean, my cum is an explosion, sending

signals to your heart, bonding us, mentally, so that we  never grow apart.

Apart from our differences, we be sitting reminiscing, about the beginning of our fate, how

every action we take, lead us to become mates.

Two headed dragons breathing fire and water, dominating

earth, we will go far, when that road ends, we will live among the stars.

Surrounded by darkness, but have no fear, when it all comes crashing, I will be near,

By near, I’m hear, to hold you dear, never to judge you, only to love you, just us two,




Categories: love


I’m a person full of pain and optimism;
reaching for the stars and beyond

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