1st Week of May

Its already the third day of May and just like the flower buds are coming out, so are truths in my everyday life. With a series of recent events it has reminded me of what really matters to me. I ask myself, why am I doing all that I’m doing, and is it all so I can reach my ultimate goal? It damn well better be, because I have reached a point of zero toleration for fake ass people. I’m a natural born leader and a rebel against injustice, whether it be for myself or a stranger. I have always possessed the need to fight for what is right. Period! Even if its just me taking time to write about it, someone will hear my voice, and my words hold wait. I really just want to let that Detroit, MI come out real quick, and tell these right wing Muthafuckas about their selves, stand up to THE MAN, since nobody else has the balls to. They say choose your battles wisely! Just remember I may not win the battle, but I will definitely when the war!

I took a chance standing up for myself when I knew I was being treated unfairly, and now I’m being retaliated against. Me along with a few other minorities so they call us. I will get the last laugh its 2017 people like me shouldn’t have to be taught a lesson, I shouldn’t have to know my place, and I shouldn’t have to know better than to stand up to a white lady in a position of power.

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