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SZA: Drew Barrymore

So this new artist SZA is super dope. She has that originality that I think we all look for in listening to inspiring artist R&B artist can sing about love a gazillion times, but it’s something about the art in which they do it that makes us fall in love with love songs time and time again. I took the time to listen to her whole album on Spotify, and it was awesome. It has a contemporary sound, but edgy too. SZA is also easy on the eyes, and from what I can see she’s what we call “A Natural” lol. Here is a song on her album, listen you won’t be sorry!






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I'm a free thinker excited to place ripple in the world around me. I want to touch and enlighten those that can relate and learn from me. I also want to learn and absorb all that I can from others. Being open-minded is the key to growth.

*P.S I'm a person full of love, I have been hurt countless times, and I still believe that true love will find its way to me...

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