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Read to understand!

My friends sometimes get frustrated with me and my overly opinionated ass. “lol” It’s only because I’m so damn passionate about everything. I want to be heard and I believe that we all can learn from one another. Have you ever just stopped to think about the experiences you’ve had in life? A person you’ve met, a stranger you’ve talked to in a local coffee shop, sharing a laugh with strangers, or how people can come and go, and are not always going to be relevant physically but always mentally or emotionally in your life? Such events take place to either learn and or grow from. I choose to share my deepest emotion thoughts feelings events directly and indirectly. This is a free and open expression of who I am and who I aspire to be. I hope that my words can resonate ¬†and help enlighten those who choose to step into my view of the world and metaphorically speaking, “take a walk in my shoes.” This blog does not serve a purpose for controversy but to find an understanding in our differences.

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