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Asking all them Questions

Him: What’s wrong Her thought: You honestly have to ask whats wrong Her response: oh nothing Him: I noticed your acting different Her thought: You started treating me different Her response: I just have a lot on my mind Him: Do you love me Her thought: If I didn’t why […]

Baby: For the Future

via Daily Prompt: Baby Did you know that life is not fair, and although you didn’t ask be here, life is apart of your destiny. I only hope that you will find heart break and true love, that you will see the sun rise and hear the ocean roar. I […]


Music is a universal language! The different vibrations  coming together to form a melody that can lift a person out of the pitt of emotional turmoil. It has the power to sooth a crying baby and uplift your spirit for heavens sake. It gives you the ability to travel through […]

To My Brothas

I’m not giving up on my brothers, I never will, because for one I’m raising a black boy to be a black man in America. I will make sure he understands the value of a black woman. That he takes pride in his title to be the king of the […]