Minnesota Nice!

I live in that one city where the 35W bridge literally collapsed! *My condolences*

I have no idea why I’m still in Minneapolis MN, it’s mostly parks, lakes, really happy people, outside of your fake ass Minnesota Nice folks, and apparently really crappy bridges! I remember when I moved here the middle of my sophomore year in high school I was happy to relocate back to the Midwest from Northern Cali, Sacremento to be exact.

Shit was so different in Cali, the way they talked, the way they dressed, the music for damn sure, and lots of burning rubber. Clearly, the adults there never got over their Ring Around the Rosey phase because Going Stupid and Going Dumb is inevitable, you can blame E-40 for that. lol

Anyhow, Cali was cool and all but Midwest is where my heart is! Born in Gary, Indiana raised in Detroit, MI I guess you could say I’m a real thoroughbred or mutt depending on how you look at it. Just know that I am extremely down to earth. I’ve lived in several states throughout my life which has molded me into the very versatile person I am today.

Now back to why the Hell I live in Minneapolis: First of all, the thing I hate the most is the terrible drivers. I mean gosh G Wally we have some of the worst weather conditions, driving in black ice with countless inches of snow, having to drive slow, so in that case, I understand. You would think if we can survive all of that during winter months the spring fall and summer would be a breeze, WRONG when the snow melts it’s like these MF’s don’t know what GO means.

I’m at least 5 minutes late for work almost every day only because people want to take a Sunday Cruz during rush hour on Monday Morning. I have never seen so many white headed men and women drive in my life. I mean grandma is clearly over 70 why the hell is her license being renewed? It grinds my gears so bad, and all I can do is sit in my car powerless and annoyed until I make it to my destination.

The people here are selfish! Do you know how many times I’ve signaled to get over and the other driver refuses to let me in? So I get behind him only for his ass to go slow like wtf would it have mattered if I got in front of you, I’m trying to go faster than you, idiot!

This is the art of passive and the epidemy of aggressive. Like why are you, a stranger trying to stop another stranger from getting somewhere in life? Like asshole, I could be rushing to the hospital because my kid is dying and all you’re worried about is me cutting you off. Petty!

Moving on to my second reason for hating this damn city! Okay, so Minnesota is known for the slogan Minnesota Nice. Bullshit you people are the rudest but just fake about it. They’re straight up Passive aggressive, as a matter of fact, I think MN Natives might be responsible for the term Passive Aggressive.

Where I’m from if somebody doesn’t like you they simply won’t talk to you or they will tell you to your face they don’t fuck with you.

Here you will be talking to the same person at the bus stop every morning thinking you two are acquainted only for them to see you at a different bus stop and that person won’t even speak. Or they will speak and as soon as you turn your back there talking about how much they don’t like you. Then why were you just being nice? I’m confused!

One time I was sitting on my friend front step and this guy walked past. As he walks past I said “hi, how you doin” He said nothing, not even a halved ass grin. The irony in him wearing a Minnesota Nice shirt humored me. I will never forget that small encounter with what I assume to be a Minnesota native.

Let’s not mention the huge rent increases across the city every year. Until I purchase my first home I’m literally screwed by paying more for the same exact apartment or moving every year to somewhen cheaper and further away from the city. There are condos every damn where 500 sqft for $1200.00 a month, well you can just slap me on the fanny and call me Sally because I would never! will be damned if that super bowl coming next year ain’t the reason why they’ve ripped up half the got damn city.So much for fun activities this summer, we spend most of our time traffic. Don’t get me started on the traffic/ driving issue again.

I just don’t see how the cost of living goes up every year but my wages do not..I guess that’s a global issue rather than local, but still, most can relate to how frustrating that can be.

It’s not all bad:

As the saying goes it’s not about where you’re from but where you’re at, and it’s not all bad. I can pull over virtually anywhere and find a body of water, being as though were also know as the land of 10,000 lakes. Actually, it’s 11,842 says Google.

I get the share the same Zodiac sign( Gemini) with the late and famous Prince (June 7, 1958- April 21, 2016). His death crowned Minnesota as the Home of the Purple Rain!!!! 

Oh did I mention there are just as many parks as there are lakes in this boring ass town lol

Are you a sucker for Casserole? Well, Minnesota is famous for making string bean casserole tater tot casserole, pretty much anything that you can call  Casa-Role lol.

I can’t talk too much shit about where I live after all my two beautiful children are Minnesota born. lol Anyways I hope you all enjoyed 🙂

The cycle continues…

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, looking for answers deep beneath the surface that lures him to love me

I’m trapped in a cycle of love that feels only isolated, cold, reluctantly bold

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, because it hurts to be brave and open up

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, my generation scorned by matching Jordan’s and love means can you afford it?

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, that feels more like loveless and the only way to get attention is by showing your naked ass

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, when sliding in my dm is how u make a pass and going on a real date is a thing of the past

I’m trapped in a cycle of love, when what’s trending matters more than a conversation with true meaning

I’m trapped, I’m trapped, I’m trapped in a cycle of love, that desperately needs changing!

Philando Castile: Mondern Day Lynchings?

Here we go again..*inmyDMXvoice! I am not at all surprised at the verdict of the late Philando Castile. *My deepest condolences to his family*  Doesn’t this remind you of  PicNics (Pick-a-Nigga)..you know where whites would pick a nigga and hang him for no good reason( just for fun)! lynchings were like a circus show to Caucasians, but Blacks are the crazy barbaric ones? People, these public killings of Black Men and Women serves as a reminder that African Americans are not valued and never will be valued in America! This is coming from a woman who is lost in a foreign land. My history was burned and stolen so that I can be confused at this very moment in time about who I am and where I truly come from. I feel angry! I feel like we have to do something and fuck that marching shit because it hasn’t done a thing, but destroy the neighborhoods we live in and give the media ratings. If marching is supposed to awaken those that are sleep, I would have to say that it’s no surprise at African Americans predicament in this country. In a variety of areas such as health care, demographics, the water we drink, and even the matter of life and death.

I’m so sick of everybody turning a blind eye to the injustice of Blacks in this country. Better yet our government doesn’t  turn a blind eye, they simply say fuck us, with the outcome of every single unlawful death committed by police officers. This is not a coincidence folks. This is plain out racist privileged bullshit happening right before our eyes ..If live footage that millions have seen doesn’t help a man get justice for being wrongfully killed by a police officer Sanchez Asshole, what the fuck will? Sanchez gets to go home to his family while millions of African Americans sit back on their sofa’s and digest how much our lives aren’t valued and that in any given moment your life can be taken. That’s a hard pill to swallow yet we do it every day. No matter how much we follow the law it is not equal, so we are at risk every day we walk out of our homes. I have a son who is going to be a full grown man, he is at risk of being murdered by police, just because he’s black! A lot of the minorities benefit from what my ancestors endured yet we walk alone in our struggle? We’re looked down upon in this foreign land. We were robbed beaten rapped for 100’s of years and it’s still happening right before our eyes. The public killings we’ve seen on camera over the past year alone is what I call Modern Day Lynchings. A way for white power struck government to show off their power! *In a land they stole from the indigenous people that were already here*

To add, the fact that all social media and news reporting networks are constantly playing the footage over and over again is baffling to me. No matter how graphic, no matter the time of day they just continue to display the footage. Why do they continue to play the video over and over and over again? I will tell you a few reasons why…1st of all its clear that people of power within our government would like to remind us that the law is not on our side nor equal to that of a white people or police officers, especially if the same crime had been committed except in reverse. For example, if a black police officer let off seven shots on a white male with a child and the man’s girlfriend in the car, I believe the jury would have found some why to convict that black officer. The reason you never hear of this scenario occurring is, that black police officers are aware of the injustice within the organization they represent, that the justice system is not at all on his black ass side (meaning not equal to that of white privileged people/ police officers). A black police officer would not be acquitted for killing white Tom *plane and simple*.  2nd It’s also to remind African Americans that they are not valued and that their life most importantly means nothing in the court of law. *what about common/ natural law* We all know the shooting was not justified. Officer Sanchez should have spent more time resolving the traffic light issue and asking for Philando’s gun, instead of being afraid of him just because he’s black, then panicking. Is the police force training rookie officers to be more aggressive with blacks than with whites? If so that is discriminative in itself.  Lastly and most importantly the police, the government, and the media want to condition us to be comfortable and ok with events like this becoming the norm. *this is far from normal*

I have an 8-year-old daughter who is aware of all that is going, just from her peers alone. *I also explain to her the best way I know how why this is happening* How does society think this is affecting our children? Common displays of repeated offenses of this kind will only desensitize our future generation. They want to continue to plant fear in us and our children. Shame on Fox news and all the other asshole reporting agencies and networks for mocking Philando’s death by continuing to display the footage. I think that angers me more than anything because my child shouldn’t be exposed to viewing such violent crimes being done to a man that looks similar to her father. *All over a broken tail light* Oh, he had a gun, and he had every right to carry that gun being a law abiding citizen fo the United States, and Philando disclosed that information to the police officer Sanchez. Philando, his girlfriend, and her daughter were on their way to do something as a family, they didn’t go looking for Sanchez to open fire on him. Meaning Philando had no intent to use his gun against the officer. Him being licensed in the first place displays his obedience to follow the law, and he loses his life for it? A whole nation of people in shock yet again!

*You might have won the battle, but we will Win the WAR: Against police brutality*

*Stop Modern day Lynchings*

An example of White Privilege: https://youtu.be/W_FkzbTf-KM *copy and paste this link*

Missing You

Missing someone feels like your reaching for something you wanted all your life but your arms are just too short to grasp it, or your heart is too pure for any one person to endure. Maybe missing you is the only thing that gives me life to push forward, only to fall infinitely down a dark spiraling hole. Missing you, is like losing a pinkie toe from a falling piano, severing it instantly *there is no ice nearby to save the toe* Missing you is like being in a two person canoe, without the paddles and without you… Missing you is like being invisible in a stadium full of people. It’s like believing you are beautiful, yet treated as if your a disgusting piece of rotten fruit *something you 3pt jump shot into the nearest garbage pail*  Missing you, feels like I’m being chased by Jeffrey Dahmers ghost *except he eats souls and not people* Missing you, is like having the worst hangover of your life and having to force yourself to vomit just to get relief from the burning sensation that sits at the pit of your stomach.  Missing you, hurts so bad it feels like the first time you ever got your heart broken, and you can feel it in every fiber of your alive yet lifeless body. I miss you so much that I’m starting to hate words like Ms, Miss, Missing, and You.

*Will time heal this annoying feeling of missing someone you hate?

Reflection: Shadow

It lingers in the darkness of something that was once tangible. Darkness like Batman’s cave, running fast like a runaway slave, out of fear, that no one will be there, to save you from whats near. I’ts scary being trapped in your own non existence, beware no one will miss it, remember I sat on the opposing side of all your lies. Its dark inside the truth, and the only one that has to face it, is you!


Oppression At Its Best

Image result for slave  of 1765

Your not lazy, when there is a system in place, set for you to fail while putting the head of house hold in jail! Your not lazy, when there are passive aggressive racism happening everyday from the grocery store to the morgue. Your not lazy, when we built Black Wall street, but all was destroyed, a bomb was diploid, by the government that goal is to keep the black man down. Your not lazy, when millions of lashings cover the backs of the men and women that built this country, how dare they call us Lazy!  Your not lazy, when the East side of Detroit looks like a war zone, yet less than 10 mi. away there are billion dollar casino’s? Your not lazy, when the  banks charge blacks higher interest rates to purchase a home, than any other minority. Your not lazy, when the Clinton Administration placed a “war on drugs”, and charged less sentencing for whites with cocaine than blacks with crack cocaine; This Shit is Insane! Your not lazy, when you march in the streets demanding justice for Black men like Philando Castile: This shit is too real!  You are not lazy my fellow brothers and sisters, you are being oppressed!