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Why Religion isn’t for Black People

Why are black people in america so religious? When has religion really worked for African Americans? If you really believe that you and your slave master can share the same God, your living in the fantasy, that has been fed to control and manipulate your very existence. I mean really? […]

It’s Not About Sex

People hear the word intimacy and the first thought is sex, not for me so much. I long for a deeper level of intimacy that can only come from the opposite of lust and sexual satisfaction. I once watched a segment on TV about a guy in New York who is a professional cuddler named, […]

Vacation Time

When you proclaim what you want to the universe it hears you! Every step you take and decision you make is perpetuating you toward your wants and desires whether your consciously aware of it or not. I have made some commands of changes and new experiences for this year 2017, […]

The Truth

Weird phenomenon, a sign from the gods, or maybe confirmation from the universe? Whatever the case the connection is so real its almost scary. I’m not afraid to love but more afraid of truly opening up just to be let down and hurt again. I knew that there would come […]

Change is Inevitable

True Love takes Sacrifice:  Only the tides from the strongest of storms can compare to how I have learned to over come some of life hardest struggles. Being born without a father, losing my mother at 16, breaking up with my fiance and father of my son after four years, […]

Moments that last a life time!

via Daily Prompt: Simple To hold your hand as the hot sun warms our backs, walking along the terrain on a slightly windy day, seeing birds form a V in the sky, hearing the waves crash against the shore, the smell of barbecue in the distance, the sincerity in each […]


BY:wisdom Kwame Kudjordji Oh boy…that man is amazingly talented!! Guess that fellow was born to be great. Oh how I wish I were as intelligent as that fellow (sighs). Heaven knows when I will also g… Source: YES YOU CAN!!