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BY:wisdom Kwame Kudjordji Oh boy…that man is amazingly talented!! Guess that fellow was born to be great. Oh how I wish I were as intelligent as that fellow (sighs). Heaven knows when I will also g… Source: YES YOU CAN!! Advertisements

It’s Not About Sex

People hear the word intimacy and the first thought is sex, not for me so much. I long for a deeper level of intimacy that can only come from the opposite of lust and sexual satisfaction. I once watched a segment on TV about a guy in New York who […]

No Mystery God!

As a 5 year old girl I started to question the religion that was automatically assigned to be apart of my identity. A born Christian, I say that, because my ancestors were given a black book called the bible. A curse from the slave master, but kept my people going […]


You cannot have me, you had your fun and now I’m done, you do not deserve me. You didn’t earn me, you never took the time to learn me, you do not deserve me. I’m stronger now, stronger than you will ever be, I love even harder now, not for […]


I’m nice not stupid. I support people but I wont be kissing any asses. I’m open minded, but also very passionate about what I believe. I bend over backwards for those I love and will punch you in the face when pushed to the limit. Instead of throwing shade I […]

Fuck boy

Too many ladies have suffered from the fuck boy experience. The fuck boy comes in different, shapes, forms, and fashions, but the behavior is what really owns them the title of being a fuck boy. I mean how did the term ever start trending? It’s not an enduring term if […]


Music is a universal language! The different vibrations  coming together to form a melody that can lift a person out of the pitt of emotional turmoil. It has the power to sooth a crying baby and uplift your spirit for heavens sake. It gives you the ability to travel through […]

Daily Prompt: Tempted

via Daily Prompt: Tempted Whenever my mind sees the voluptuous shape of your lips I am Tempted, The gentle melody of the deep breaths you take when I softly kiss your neck I am Tempted, when the warmth of your palm caresses my lower back sending chills through my soul […]

Dear Momma

Dear Momma, I thought I understood what you meant when you would say you were tired. I tried to understand, but I was just a girl Ma.  Your first born, your daughter, the one you called a cry baby at birth, you couldn’t turn your back without hearing my mouth, […]