Asking all them Questions

Him: What’s wrong

Her thought: You honestly have to ask whats wrong

Her response: oh nothing

Him: I noticed your acting different

Her thought: You started treating me different

Her response: I just have a lot on my mind

Him: Do you love me

Her thought: If I didn’t why the fuck would I be here

Her response: I never stopped



Today people are so focused on being rich and wealthy in terms of money and material gain. If at least half of that same energy was put into becoming richer and wealthier inside, I know the world would be a better place.


Flowing like a river, as strong as can be, the way you got me going, its like I’m lost at sea

only to find that true love lies beneath the deep ocean, my cum is an explosion, sending

signals to your heart, bonding us, mentally, so that we  never grow apart.

Apart from our differences, we be sitting reminiscing, about the beginning of our fate, how

every action we take, lead us to become mates.

Two headed dragons breathing fire and water, dominating

earth, we will go far, when that road ends, we will live among the stars.

Surrounded by darkness, but have no fear, when it all comes crashing, I will be near,

By near, I’m hear, to hold you dear, never to judge you, only to love you, just us two,



No Push Over

Have you ever stood up for yourself, then the person flipped the situation, and you found yourself apologizing? Have you found yourself feeling guilty for demanding your respect from an individual while they play the “victim” card? Do you find yourself second guessing your decisions, because your worried about criticism from a specific person? Are you always giving, time, money, energy, advice, whatever, only to receive the opposite of what you put out?

You may be dealing with a user/ manipulator. If your not sure put them to the test by being more aware of there daily interaction with you. Pay more attention to body language and actions rather than what they say. These people are usually very charming and can talk their way out of almost anything. Beware of the person who doesn’t mind effecting your world in a negative way, only to gain in their life from using up your resources. Your energy and time is precious, once given you cannot get it back, so its very important to know those that truly have your best interest at heart and are genuine the love will naturally be reciprocated.

People just want to storm into your life place there problems and burdens on you, and somehow your all alone in your own endeavors? This is called being used! People love your good qualities, because they see how they can benefit from them. They never think about how there presence is effecting you, hell they don’t even care, its a one way view for people like this. Users, emotional and financial abusers, these people use manipulation as a paint brush to smear their garbage all over your life, and your left alone to pick up their shit and your own! They make you feel stupid for thinking for yourself by undermining and belittling you. They seem like they have the best intentions for you at first, by seeming helpful and interested in your goals. Its all so that you can open up, so they can find a soft spot in your heart for them to play on. Do not be fooled by this type of person and their tactics to suck the life out of you. Is it intentional or a subtle trait that some use to their advantage?


Conclusion: Do not think because it’s your family, friend from high, or even your partner/spouse that they will not try to use manipulation to get their way. Even children use manipulation on an subconscious level to get their way in. You are not to be taken advantage of or have your kindness taken for weakness. Do not be afraid to call a person on their bluff! They may not like that your calling them out on the BS, however they will respect you. No push over resides here!



Reminder to Self

Do not allow yourself to be totally consumed in another person. No matter how much they say they Love you, a person’s action will always reveal the truth. Be strong enough to except the truth and make the best decision for you and your children no matter what…



I don’t know how to handle my deepest emotions. I cant stand that I see through peoples bullshit, but I have a heart that allows it. I hate that I love harder than most and that I will bend over backward for the people I love. I show love to strangers, friends, family, and even those that have hurt me. I don’t understand why I am who I am.

This is  why the journey to self discovery is so deep and real to me. Every time I start to love someone they show me in the most subtle ways that they will not last in my world. They don’t deserve to have me, but its too late I have already given myself, because I want to be loved, I want someone to believe in my dreams as I do theirs.

I’m tired of being used for my good energy, my good vibes, my positive reinforcement, my ability to not judge others for their flaws or mistakes, my understanding of ones issues, my natural caring and nurturing side, my want to help and make sure everyone and everything is alright…

Who’s there for me in the end who makes sure I’m ok?