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Monster of love

I’m so over woman creating monsters of men. Its always this constant finger pointing like the guy is the blame for everything. Whenever the relationship fails it’s him who lacked one quality or another. We all know that’s horse shit! Woman can be very difficult to handle and deal with […]

To My Brothas

I’m not giving up on my brothers, I never will, because for one I’m raising a black boy to be a black man in America. I will make sure he understands the value of a black woman. That he takes pride in his title to be the king of the […]

No love Lost

I’m always getting hurt, what the fuck, is there not one single person on the planet for me? Of the millions and billions of people on the planet the ones that  I’ve encountered are never who they claim to be. How is it that I’m attracting these assholes into my […]


How could you just quit me like that? Like damn you said you wasn’t “that guy.”The opposite of the type that says hes single and text you every morning after every night. The guy that finds the time for you through his unpredictable work schedule. The guy that kisses you […]

Keep the Real in Reality.

Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. this generation doesn’t even believe in love. All people want to do is look cool and say cool shit but actions are all fucked up. I sit back in watch all the bullshit in the past year and its really annoying, from the […]

The Struggle Is Real

Struggle has always been apart of my life. Ever since I was a little girl hard times have never been foreign to me. I sometimes sit back and ask why me? Why did I have a father who wanted my mother to abort me? Why did I have to lose […]

Why it didn’t work out!

 It always starts out the same. I’m feeling you, your feeling me, we really believe that were meant to be. We stroke each other ego’s like no tomorrow. I see you as special, you see me as your star, and we convince one another that this love will  go far. […]