Balancing Bullshit

It’s been a year since your life changed, our lives have changed forever

I’m as equally angry as I am grateful

I have been broken, yet I’ve evolved into a masterpiece

I have learned from the one that I teach

Helping me become a better me

Life is never black and white despite how simple things could be, could’ve been

I am grateful for the truth that I will forever suffer with…knowing

I find peace in my suffering

We will prevail and we will conquer

We will fight for our happiness and our honor

I’m not alone and that brings me comfort

Appreciate the opportunity to make it all right

Find balance in the bullshit “yeah that’s right”

Rising Phoenix

I’m not mad or sad, I thank God I’m able

My fight is not with you, but myself because I know I am capable

For growth it requires change

When you lack it you only have yourself to blame

I’m my own biggest competitor and I’m aware of those that see me as an adversary

I have no time or desire to hate on anyone

I encourage all to practice mastering your own reflection; while my mind is at the top of Mount Everest you H*** still in the basement

My value cannot be compared to any amount of money or brands; It’s my spirit, my vibe, my aura that got you H*** mad

I’m a rising Phoenix leveraging my crown to off you demons

Every time a MF try’s to count me out, your the oil to my fire give me a reason

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