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My Life

I’m a mother of two and the oldest of five siblings. My mom passed at age 16 which turned my life around in both good and bad ways.  I come from a single mother household so trying times is a norm for me. I pride myself on doing what is right no matter how difficult the situation. I believe my struggles as a child has helped me to be a better adult. I’ve suffered loss at an early age, I understand what it means to sacrifice, and I’ve learned how to survive on my own. I don’t rely on others to bring me happiness, but with all that, I still, have lots of work to do. As you get to know me as a writer you will come to learn about my experiences, and hopefully, be inspired to live your life free of fear and keep on the right path to Love Peace and Happiness.



Everything Under The Sun

I'm a free thinker excited to place ripple in the world around me. I want to touch and enlighten those that can relate and learn from me. I also want to learn and absorb all that I can from others. Being open-minded is the key to growth.

*P.S I'm a person full of love, I have been hurt countless times, and I still believe that true love will find its way to me...